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Fitness App in Minutes

Create your own branded fitness app in minutes for any device: web, mobile and tablet. Transform lives with your fitness programs and challenges without any coding or design needed.

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How It Works

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    With TempoKit, you can build your own unique custom mobile app for iPhone and Android. It's like Squarespace, Wix, or Wordpress, but built for mobile fitness apps.

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    Skip the complicated app-publishing process. Publish your app to Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store in one click.

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    Sell your workout programs as monthly and yearly memberships. Do what you love full-time as a trainer and stop worrying about the other details!


App Features

Build your following and share your knowledge by bringing your nutrition and fitness programs to a wider audience. Tempokit allows you to launch your own platform overnight with no technical coding needed. We handle the tech logistics, while you focus on making the best possible program.

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Create the look-and-feel that reflects your brand. You choose the layout. You choose the colors. You choose to turn on or off app features: community forum, nutrition recipes, client messaging and more. You choose.


    Upload all your workouts, nutrition plans, training protocols, tutorials, —discover all the best ways to communicate with your fitness app target audience. It's all you.


    Expand your content library using our workout builder. Speed your output with a content management system that delivers updates to your customers in real time.

  • Earn Money

Set up a membership service to get paid by your clients and fans to grant them exclusive content. Enjoy additional income that allows you to place your attention wherever you desire.

  • Free to Build

    Free to sign up. Pay only when your app goes live. Monthly plans start at $99 + $2 per member.

  • Success Stories

    Successful trainers and brands use Tempokit to enhance brand awareness, maximize their earnings, and make a lasting impact.

    • Cristina
      Cristina Capron

      She enjoys using her platforms of over 700k to help inspire her followers to chase their dream body as well as their dream job and to assure them that your mental health is just as important as your physical health so eat the cookie.

    • Tuff wraps avatar
      Tuff Wraps

      TUFF is a fitness lifestyle brand that reminds the World and us that we are all resilient through the difficult times and can overcome the challenging situations that we experience, whether physically, emotionally or mentally. 

    • Katie yovin avatar
      Katie Yovin

      Thrive by Katie was created to give women all over the world the ability to work on themselves both physically, mentally & emotionally to THRIVE in their everyday life.

    Common Questions

    • How do I signup?

      Create an account by clicking here. No payment details are needed.
    • Do I own the content I add to Tempokit?

      Yes! You own your own content.
    • Are there any extra fees?

      To publish in the Apple App Store, you will pay Apple a yearly fee of $99. To publish in the Google Play Store, you will pay Google a one-time $25 fee. Our standard subscription charges $2 per member.
    • What if I don't yet have all of my content ready?

      You can still sign up for free. Take your time to gather your workout content. There's no charge until you’re ready to actually publish your app.
    • How much money can I make?

      You set the price. You control the product. You own the rewards. There is no cap, and your business success is entirely dependent on the amount you charge and how many subscribers you attract and retain.
    • Why can't I find Tempokit in the Apple App Store?

Because the apps we make are yours, not ours, you get a custom fitness app that you design—with content you control.

    Free until you're ready to launch

    Build your app and preview it on your iPhone or Android phone. Tempokit does not require you to pay until you’re actually ready to launch. Monthly plans start at $99 + $2 per member.