How to Sell Workout Programs Online: 5 Key Steps

published on 16 March 2022

Recently, trends are changing when it comes to fitness and health. The emergence of the covid-19 pandemic caused gyms to close worldwide, and people have since sought out other ways to stay fit within the pandemic. Currently, the number of people using online workout programs to exercise is increasing exponentially. Research shows that the online fitness industry is expected to grow 30% annually till 2027. It is the best time to take advantage of the rising demands and attract all those potential clients to your business.

Tempokit lets you sell your workout programs on a branded website and mobile app.
Tempokit lets you sell your workout programs on a branded website and mobile app.

Online workout programs benefit both the trainer and the customers as they are more time effective for both parties. Personal trainers and course instructors can now target audiences from all around the world. By using TempoKit, trainers can sell workout programs to many customers without having to train each person one on one. Added benefits of workout programs are that they expand your business and generate revenue without consuming too much capital. Now you can expand your fitness business online without hiring extra staff or investing in more fitness equipment which are major expenses of expanding real fitness studios.

A workout program is a schedule of workouts designed to help a customer achieve a certain physical goal.

The following steps can guide you in selling workout programs online

Build a Following - Get People to Know You

While jumping into the online personal training business, it is best to create your own identity in the market and advertise what makes you different from all the other fitness gurus or celebrities. Market your niche in fitness and advertise what makes your workouts stand apart from the crowd. Share your personal journey towards fitness and what made you stick to this lifestyle. Many times, the audience is looking for trainers they can connect with. Be authentic and build a community online from where people can know about you and your product.

Instagram posts should be authentic and not sales-oriented
Instagram posts should be authentic and not sales-oriented

Begin uploading your content on any social media predominantly using pictures or videos such as TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube to create a community. Upload videos regularly of your tips and techniques. Engage with people online and show your results. A potential customer will probably check your social media accounts to get to know more about your style before taking you on as a trainer. It is perfectly fine to build your clientele gradually. Even starting from 5 clients can lead you down the road of finding more clients through word of mouth.

Before you start a business, it is important to find your audience which will be attracted to your specific brand. Building a thriving online community will pave your way in introducing your product into the market as like-minded people with definite fitness goals or similar training styles will already be familiar with you and your workout programs.

Make your Workout Content

In the first step, we discussed making promotional free content to post on social media platforms to find your audience. In this step, you need to design comprehensive paid content for your online workout program. Design content accordingly to your niche.

If you’re passionate about body flexibility and pliability, opt for mobility training. If you’re a HIIT fanatic, you could publish your content on CrossFit training. Other niche market categories include strength training for cyclists or pilates for ballerinas.

Your content should clearly represent what kind of services you are offering to your customers and what can they expect. Additionally, it should point out the mission or vision of your business and what your workouts are about. Other segments of your website should be structured and should showcase your content in an organized way. Always List the equipment required for each workout and write a short description for your courses. Upload videos, blogs, before and after pictures, meal plans, and reviews from happy customers who have used your services to make an impact on your audience.

Last but not the least, you should also figure out the format in which you’ll be offering your workout programs. There’s no hard and fast rule as to what will work, it all comes down to your personal preference and the media you think your audience will best engage with. Typically trainers offer workout programs through PDF, excel spreadsheets, playback videos and apps.

PDFs are one way of selling your workout programs
PDFs are one way of selling your workout programs

If you are choosing PDF as your workout program format, you can use Canva to help select a template. Be aware that PDF formats can be easily given to friends.

You can share full length videos on youtube
You can share full length videos on youtube

Full-length workout playback videos are a great format. It can take a lot of effort to get this right. Tempokit supports creating training programs from full-length videos.

Tempokit and other native Fitness platforms like TrainHeroic or TrainingPeaks also allow you to create workouts based on short video clips or photos which you can reuse for future training programs. This is a great way to save time from creating complete full-length videos

Fitness trainers like Chloe Ting have a website where all her workout videos are published. Stella Williams has all her workout programs on a fitness app. The most important thing while selecting the format is that users can easily view it on any device they have in hand, clearly understand the exercise movements and proper form and track their progress.

Build your Fitness Website

A well-established website is very important for an online business. Tempokit is a comprehensive platform that enables you to create your own brand of a fitness app or website. Using our services, you can customize your online workout programs to the extent you want. Additionally, you will be able to effortlessly organize and upload videos, posts, workout routines, accept worldwide payments, monetize your content with various options, receive 24/7 support, and get a highly secure website or app.

You need a website or app to sell your training programs on.
You need a website or app to sell your training programs on.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of your website. Your brand differentiates you from your competitors and gives you your individual identity. Your website or app should effectively show what type of experience the customer can expect while training with you. Good quality branding will help you attract a lot of potential clients and will kickstart your business.

Choose a business model

There are essentially two different types of business models when it comes to selling content. They are based on how you generate revenue for your business.

    •    Transactional Revenue Model: In this model, you sell a specific part of your content to your audience for a fixed price. This is a one-time payment akin to selling DVDs of your workout programs to your audience. Make sure the package you are selling covers every aspect of your product. For example, a 30-day course on weight loss would include meal plans, workout routines for different parts of the day, and other necessary information. This model can initially benefit you in terms of selling your package for a high price, but your income is unpredictable.

    •    Subscription Revenue Model: The customers gain access to your services via an annual or monthly subscription just like Netflix! They lose access if they stop paying the subscription fee. This model is more popular amongst fitness studios as it helps build a client-focused online business where you can deliver results to your clients in real-time. Clients can subscribe to multiple fitness courses, workout routines, or challenges. This model is for long-term use and your income is recurring and predictable.

Tempokit offers both styles of business models for you to sell your workout programs.

Set your Prices

It is important to set the prices of your services keeping in mind market trends. The increased fluctuation from market trends results in lower profits. According to a study conducted by uscreen, the market rates for transactional models vary between $75 and $110 per bundle. While the monthly subscription fee varied between $12 to $15.

you can sell access to all your workout programs via subscription-based pricing for both monthly and yearly
you can sell access to all your workout programs via subscription-based pricing for both monthly and yearly

Apparently, workout programs offering free trial periods did rather well as compared to workout programs that did not offer them. There is approximately a difference of $4000 in the average monthly earnings between companies offering free trials and companies that did not offer them. A one-week free trial period was found to give the best results.


TempoKit enables you in creating your custom fitness digital website and app so you can easily sell workout programs. The coding has already been taken care of and all you have to do is add your brand and workouts.

Monetizing online workout programs allows you to make more money, and to expand your clientele. Using the five steps, you can effectively start selling your online workout programs by using Tempokit.

In case you need any support, the Tempokit team will be with you every step of the way to help you make your online personal training website. Sign up for free to get started!

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